The ABACHOS - Automatic BACk HOme System project draws its origins from a series of other projects, collectively gathered in a program called Helios (this program includes a set of design, development, testing, debriefing and recursive redesign activities aimed at sending sounding balloons and related payloads in the stratosphere).

Subsequently, the Abachos project approaches the internationally renowned artist Donato Piccolo to "artistically" contaminate the project, giving further openness to the initiative and trying to disseminate furt

her perspectives of not only scientific but also humanistic knowledge. From here the artist contributed to the concept of the initiative by stimulating the user to a poetic and imaginative vision of the event, trying to transform it into an art exhibition. In this case, science also redefines itself as art when this, art, re-evaluates the project both from an intelligible point of view and from the point of accumulation of data. From the union of these faculties comes "StratospherEffect (beyond the clouds)".

Amedeo Lepore


Amedeo Lepore is an engineer specialized in research and development tools for computer systems and mechatronic prototypes.

Creator and guide

of the ABACHOS space science team (acronym for Automatic BACk HOme System) specialized in space travel and able to automatically return the instrumental load (payload) of the balloon to the launch point.

The Abachos group i

s headed by Prof. Amedeo Lepore and composed by Prof. Pasquale Addobbato (computer hardware) and Prof. Simone Bacci (computer software).

Author of the book "My first space travel" (ledizioni brand), in which he describes the concept and history of space flight, Amedeo Lepore currently also hold

s the chair of computer science teacher at the V. Emanuele II Institute in Naples where he teaches and disseminates his research to the younger generations.