Artificial National Transitional Effect
Beyond Nature 


The purpose is to create a bridge between the earth and space understood not only conceptually but actually, physically. Important in a period in which a lot is manifested as a virtual entity.

It will be realized in conjunction with a great natural phenomenological event that will have in Italy, in Sicily, the lava eruption of the Etna volcano.


A troupe of people, through the scientific experience of the Abachos group of A. Lepore and the technical support of INFN (Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics) will arrive on the peaks of the Etna volcano to launch, in the stratosphere, practically in space, a probe made with a droned air balloon, built especially for the occasion, capable of reaching between 30km and 50km from the earth, entering space.

This "space object" will be equipped with sensors and video cameras capable of collecting not only DATA but above all new visual horizons outside our earth orbit.

During the explosion of the Etna volcano, a balloon probe (droned aerostat) will be launched into space from the summit of the volcano. This object will rise up to make us see the world from space, through video cameras, .. like the vision of a star that sees the earth. Through cameras we will see the earth seen from space in streaming. The video will be streamed on the Ars Elettronica website.

On the aerostat there will be software, created by Antonello Bevacqua, which will take the movement waves of space and translate them into sounds and then be "sampled" and "composed" by a software with artificial intelligence, created for the occasion, above the aerostat itself. The result will be real melodies self-generated by a computer and making it even more a sensation alien to the human being.

The sound compositions are generated by software above the spacecraft and will be available to users.

Connection with scientific theories

The StratospherEffect project stems from the study of the atmosphere and the potential of man to go beyond his concept of limit. .

The project consists in sending an aerostat connected to a recovery drone platform into orbit, in order to receive not only the equivalent scientific data but also to be able to send signals from space to earth capable of interacting with the earth. All the elements of space will create a bridge between the earth and space by verifying the theory of E. Lawrenz of the "Butterfly Effect" theory for which different systems are connected to each other decoding, in a certain sense, our theory of "order and Chaos".