The StratospherEffect project was born from the study of the atmosphere carried out by Professor Eng. Amedeo Lepore and his space research group Abachos.

Subsequently, in collaboration with the artist Donato Piccolo, the project integrated two very different realities, scientific and artistic, creating both an ideological | artistic and a practical | scientific connecting-point by gathering different cognitive, communicative and evolutionary functions.

The phrase in the title of the project includes two important concepts: the concept of "Stratosphere", one of the layers into which the atmosphere is conventionally divided, and the concept of the "Butterfly Effect", a theory that encloses the concept of sensitive dependence on initial conditions, stated in the theory of chaos.

The project consists in sending an aerostat connected to a recovery drone platform into the orbit. This allows us to, not only receive the equivalent scientific data, but also be able to exploit the same data to create a connecting point between earth and space thanks to the creation of a platform capable of registering the creative elements of research. This would lead to E. Lorenz's theory of the “Butterfly Effect”, according to which different systems are connected together and, in a certain sense, decode our theory of finding “order in the chaos”.