The spatial probe sent into space contains a software for self-generating sound melodies createdby Antonello Bevacqua with an algoritm for Artificial Intelligence.This software, through different sensors, analyzes the outside and transforms the vibrations intoinstrumental sounds (piano, bass, etc ..) and then builds a melody.This melody will be the melody generated by elements in the universe so it is a spatial melody.The  sound is a  vibration  that propagates as an  acoustic wave , through a  transmissionmedium  such as a gas, liquid or solid.(Acoustic waves are a type of energy propagation through a medium by meansof  adiabatic  compression and decompression. Important quantities for describing acoustic wavesare  acoustic pressure ,  particle velocity ,  particle displacement  and  acoustic intensity .).Self-generated sound is the reception of these waves and their perception by our acousticsoftware.