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Altea Nemolato

Altea Renata Maria Nemolato was born in 1998 and is currently a student of Biological Sciences at Vanvitelli University in Caserta. Her passion for space comes from a small spark: passionate about fantasy/science books and movies like Star Trek, she begins to wonder what was really behind the multitude of stars that illuminate the earthly vault every night. The growing interest in microbiology began to bring her closer to the field of astrobiology, leading her to decide to pursue a future career in space research. In 2016 she participated, with the Radio-Shield project, in the international Lab2Moon competition, aimed at designing a scientific experiment that answered the question "How to create a better world on the Moon?". She won with Team Space4Life, after passing a selection among 3400 teams from 50 different countries. The subsequent development of the project allows her to start working in university laboratories and to get closer to the world of research, fuelling her passion for astrobiology. In 2017 she published two scientific papers, in collaboration with American researchers, thus becoming one of the youngest in the world to have published in a scientific journal. In the same year, she was invited to present the Radio-Shield project at Makerstown in Brussels. In 2018 she participated in the realization of the OrbiTecture project of the CNS and the IIF, taking care of the realization of a new concept of shield against cosmic radiation and the use of extremophiles in space research. In 2019 she creates a team with university students and researchers for the realization of a new project, ALTHAIR, aimed at deepening the research carried out with the Radio-Shield project. In May 2020, the project was accepted to participate in the 71st International Astronautical Congress. She has received some honors, such as a medal from the City of Naples for having obtained important achievements in the scientific field and the Terra Laboris Award in the Science and Technology section; also she has received the achievement of honorary member for numerous associations, including the International Lions Club Association.