— Donato Piccolo
— Valentino Catricalà

Visioni Parallele 
— Paulina Bebecka
— Tauland Sinani
— Altea Nemolato
— Antonello Bevacqua
Marcello Mangione


Paulina Bebecka

After 11 yeas as NYC gallerist at Postmasters Gallery (est. 1984) and curator the Polish born Paulina Bebecka moved to Rome in 2017 and established the Italian branch of the gallery, PostmastersROMA, with a permanent location situated next to the colosseum. Following the tradition of the mothership gallery the Roman space exhibits works that are representative of our time embracing all mediums, classical and new ones from paintings to Virtual Reality.  Her curatorial projects include a NYTimes reviewed exhibition “this one is smaller than this one” of 35 artists which traveled from New York to Vienna and Istanbul. Bebecka holds a masters degree from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London and bachelors degrees in economics and international business administration from the American University of Paris.